The Narrow Path of Angels Landing in Zion NP

If you've ever considered climbing Angels Landing in Zion National Park, you'll want to see this. Not only is it around 6,000 feet in elevation, but the panorama views from the trail are spectacular. 

This trail is not for the faint of heart. The sheer vertical drop on both sides makes it a strenuous hike that has some level of risk. Afraid of heights? Well may want to skip this one and head down to the Zion floor for some hiking on wider paths. 

Is it dangerous? You could say that, but the it's manageable. Every year we hear of people who are stranded or have fallen. Use the proper precautions to ensure you have a great hike on Angels Landing. 

Fast Facts About Angels Landing

Altitude - At the top or summit you'll be at nearly just under 5,800 ft. 

Length of the Hike - It's around two and a half miles and roughly one-thousand and five-hundred feet elevation gain.