Best Headlamps For Caving

A caving headlamp is an essential item while venturing into a dark and often damp environment.

Caverns are known to be somewhat tricky to navigate and having your hands free especially if there is a slip or fall could mean the difference between a light injury vs something more serious. 

I also like the idea simply so that I can operate other equipment like a camera. If you are looking for ideas of where to use these lights, check out Pinnacles NP and Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP. 

There are so many adventures that await us even in the most secluded caves. Something about them makes it peaceful and detached from where we are used to dwelling.

Gearlight Headlamp (2 Pack)

If going into a cave for a while, why not take Gearlight’s headlight with you. Even on the high setting, the light can last on high for up to three hours. If you need to be more conservative, then on low you can get up to 45 hours. Plenty of time to navigate the inner maze of a dark cave.

This model is also known for its durability. It has been rated for all types of weather and is shockproof. The adjustable head pivots so that depending on the angle you are looking at, you can have greater field of vision.

Features include:

  • Variable light settings (SOS, strobe, high beams, etc.)
  • Durable and washable strap
  • Long battery life
  • Bright LED light
  • Easy on and off button located at the top of the lamp

Energizer LED Headlamp (Green)

The various modes that are available using the military green Energizer LED headlamp are impressive. In total this one has seven different options. These include some wide, spot, and even smart dimming features.

In low mode, you should get around 35 hours of use. It’s a little bit less than GearLight version above. Energizer has a well-known brand and many products in the LED light space. That in itself can be a peace of mind knowing you’ll have something reliable.

Some other things I like about this one:

  • The strap feels a little bit softer than some of the other ones on the market
  • Rugged build, can withstand a drop and keep going
  • Long beam – will illuminate for a greater distance than many other lamps

Alipret Ultra Bright Headlamp

The biggest reason why I like Aliprets Ultra Bright is because it’s rechargeable. I can’t tell you how many batteries I have used in the past. It’s always a pain to try to replace. This one simply charges using a USB cable that comes with the pair.

Also of note with the Alipret is motion sensing. If you don’t want to get the headlamp dirty, a feature allows you to waive your hands in front of the LED and it will turn on.

Other features include:

  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable up to 60 degrees
  • Padded using comfortable sponge
  • Lightweight

Caving Adventures

Whether you’re exploring a deep set of tunnels within an intricate cave network or you just want to have a really good headlamp that is versatile for any night time or dark situation, the advent of LED has helped revolutionize our mobility to see places we could never go before.